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  • What to do when you’re bored:

      If when sometimes you find yourself bored, here are a few recommendations from Jolly Wild to try when you’re bored...   Find something fun to ba...
  • Quarantine Halloween:

    If you’re not sure about trick-or-treating this year, or not really sure what to do about Halloween this year, Jolly Wild have come up with some al...
  • Trying Something New

    Trying something new may sound like the dream for some people, but to others, it sounds like a nightmare!  Here are some super easy ways to try new...
  • The Best Ways To Relax

    Try some of these top relaxation tips to include in your life whenever you have time. They are super easy ways to make some time for you in the day!
  • Tips On How To Be Creative

    I hope these helpful creative tips leave you feeling inspired and refreshed and ready to learn a new skill or try something new and experimental today -  if not at least you have a super easy muffin recipe to use, that is a total hit for any crowd!