Trying Something New

Trying something new may sound like the dream for some people, but to others, it sounds like a nightmare! 

Here are some super easy ways to try new things!

1) If you really struggle with trying new things then start with some really basic things, for example: change what you eat for breakfast/lunch/dinner, spice things up with a few different spices, challenge yourself to cook a new recipe, try a new cereal or make pancakes for breakfast! If you dont like making huge changes to your diet, then changing the furniture layout in a room can be the first steps to trying new things! 

2) For those who need a bit of inspiration and LOVE trying new things here are some great ideas for you to try: aerobics, athletics, baseball, baking, bird watching, board games, canal boating, camping, card games, chess, choir, cooking, cycling, darts, diving, dune buggies, fishing, fort making, game night, go-karting, golf, gym, hiking, horse riding, ice cream/lolly making, ice-skating, interior styling and design javelin, kick-boxing, martial arts, musical instrument, organisation, origami, rowing, running, sewing, skateboarding, skiing, snowboarding, tennis, water sports, there are so many activities to take part in!

3) Try being organised - this could help your life in so many ways, creating lists, reminders, sticky notes, calendar, write things out so you can see them, organising kitchen cupboards is an easy way to start - you can put things in containers to keep things neat and tidy and label them. Buying folders to organise your important documents and make things easy to find. Preparing yourself the night before for the next day, if you have to leave early ensure all your clothes and shoes are laid out ready for you the night before, including anything else you might need for the day (packing your bag with all the things you might need, pens/notebooks, water bottle, wallet/purse, keys, makeup/toiletries, phone charger, you can also make a packed lunch/dinner for yourself) this way it's easy for you to wake up in the morning and get going rather than struggling and rushing to do everything - especially if you struggle to get up! Small organisational steps are a great way to try something new - but it will definitely be beneficial in the long run.

4) Try to make an effort to be nicer to people. You may already think you're a lovely person and that's great! Sometimes we forget to show gratitude and appreciation sometimes, and it's important to show it. It can even be down to complimenting someone else, because it can really make someone's day! Of course, there will be some situations where it feel difficult to see a positive outcome, but try to keep yourself aware of the positives.

5) Try to reach out and connect with friends/family/people who you haven't seen in a while, offer them support and advice, let them know you're still there for them, sometimes life is just so busy going on, we get caught up in it and forget to take the time to message them, it doesn't mean they're any less of a friend or a person, sometimes life is just busy and we need to be accepting and respectful of everyone.

Trying new things can seem really daunting, but there are so many different ways to try and incorporate new things into your daily life! It's important to try new things to develop who we are and get our own jist of life - don't just say you don't like something because your friends/family dont - try it and find out yourself!



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