What to do when you’re bored:


If when sometimes you find yourself bored, here are a few recommendations from Jolly Wild to try when you’re bored...


  • Find something fun to bake! It’s always fun to bake cakes, and the best bit is you get to eat it afterwards! There are so many recipes on the internet to try – brownies? Cinnamon rolls? Cookies? Cakes? Something gluten free or vegan? There are so many recipes to try – why not try one yourself
  • Play a board game with your family, there are loads of great games to try – some require more skill than others, but ultimately a great laugh e.g. monopoly, payday, guess who, cranium, Cluedo,
  • Go for a walk, wrap up warm and go for a walk, take some pictures of the wildlife or scenery – there are some great colours in nature this time of year so make the most of it!
  • Do some exercise, now this may sound awful to some people, but it doesn’t have to be a 5k run, it could be a circuit you make up, or even a couple of round of star jumps and skipping, something to get the blood pumping!
  • Watch a film, get loads of blankets and cushions and get comfy and cosy on the sofa and relax watching a film
  • De-clutter and organise. Sometimes what we really need to do, to get some sense of order in the house, is tidy up, de clutter and organise what we do and don’t need. Get rid of the things that don’t bring you joy, put them in bags and donate them to charity shops or sell them online, if it’s not bring you joy; it might to someone else. Organising is such an easy to do to get control of your life, making things easy for you some basic steps are: folders arranged appropriately for you with all your important information in them, jars/trays/containers to put cereals, herbs, spices, condiments, snacks, fruit and vegetables in this can be a great space saver but also can help with over buying with grocery shopping, you can clearly see what you do and don’t have and its put neatly away in cupboards and draws. Small day-to-day organisation tips range from buying a calendar and putting it in a space which is visible to you or the whole family every so everyone knows what key events are happening this week (dentist/doctor appointments, sports matches, school/uni event, work meetings, anything!) they help keep everyone organised and aware of what’s going on in the family. Another good organisation tip is to buy coloured sticky notes and use them as reminders to yourself. To keep desk areas neat, invest in folders or draws to store paper and information, pen pots/pencil case to organise stationary. After you start organising you’ll find yourself feeling a lot less stressed.
  • Paint or draw or doodle in a book, again this doesn’t have to be fantastic, you can just buy some basic paints or pens and doodle and experiment on pieces of paper.
  • Re-arrange a room of your house. Sometimes t’s great fun to re-arrange your whole room for a new aesthetic and outlook, and to keep things exciting!
  • Online shopping, when you next go to your usual online shops, take a moment and instead of going to your usual main high street brands – see what a small business has to offer first! We at Jolly Wild are also a small business, and it makes us so genuinely happy when people order product from us, a lot of love and care goes into our businesses and there is a lot of passion that goes on, which you don’t always see, so we guarantee that you’ll make someone’s day if you try to find what you’re looking for by using a small business!

There are so many possible things to do when you're bored - we hope these help you out!

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