The Best Ways To Relax

Relaxation can be hard to do in the current Covid-19 situation, it is hard to really take a proper break and really wind down, so here are some helpful tips and tricks to try to make sure you relax when you can. 

Relaxing can mean different things to different people so here are a variety of things to try, to help calm your mind and body

1) In the evening, in your bedroom or living room (wherever you feel you'd like to relax) clear away excess clutter and set up a few candles, tealights, scented candles (a soothing scent is recommended e.g. vanilla and honey or a scent you particularly love) turn the main light off and any other lamps off in the room, and just have the candles glowing, take some time to lie on your bed/sofa/arm chair and focus on deep breathing (in through your nose, out through your mouth) and relax all your muscles, do this for a couple of minutes, you can also read a book or listen to some peaceful music whilst sitting amongst the candles.

2)Take a long bath. Fill a bath with warm water (to your required temperature) and plenty of bubble bath, remove any shampoo/conditioner bottles and replace with scented candles and tea lights, put some relaxing music on and take a nice long Bath, read a book or just relax in the bubbles.

3) Do It Yourself Spa Day (you can do this alone or with a friend/s), treat yourself to some face masks and eye masks, and a rich moisturiser, maybe a different body wash or exfoliator scrub. If you have time, set up candles and turn off the main lights and lamps and lay a towel out over your bed/sofa. Have a nice warm shower, relax your muscles use the body wash and new exfoliator and moisturiser, then wrap up in a lovely fluffy dressing gown. Next apply a face mask and relax on the towel you laid out. Listen to some peaceful music, or read a book, or simply lie there and enjoy the scents from the candles and your facemask.

4) Paint something, whether its a picture or a wall in your house, painting can be really therapeutic. Don't worry about the painting looking like the exact picture, just be experimental and just go with it!

5) Getting organised and de-clutter, sometimes the best way to feel more relaxed is to get hold of a room and giving it a good sort through. Bin everything that needs to go, bag up things that can go to a better home and take them to a car boot sale or charity shops, give the room a good clean and a wipe over, you'll find you have room for better storage and interior accessories. Organise the stuff you keep, in your wardrobe sort it by colour or by clothing type e.g. trousers, jeans, tops etc) 

6) Bake something. It is really fun to bake something new and it is always a big hit with any guests or family members, knowing there are homemade treats in the kitchen can really take someone's day from a 0 to a 10! Whatever you bake is always is well received with everyone. You can find really easy and simple recipes to try on the internet, YouTube, or check out our 'Tips On Being Creative' Blog for a super easy muffin recipe!

7) Try Yoga or stretching. There are loads of great yoga apps that you can download which are free and easy to use, there are also some great videos on YouTube to introduce you to Yoga. And to feel extra refreshed, put on some yoga and meditation music and follow the steps. Finding a nice quiet room to just stretch out your muscles can make you feel relaxed.

8) Cosy film night. Take a nice Bath, get some comfy clothes on or pyjamas and a dressing gown, choose a room with a television of laptop/phone. Get a few blankets, pillows and set up the room as you wish, set up candles around the room, turn the main light off and watch a film in the candle light (turn a few lamps on if needed) - top it off with a takeaway of your choice and/or a bowl of your favourite snacks e.g. popcorn, chocolate biscuits, sweets... This can be a really fun way to chill out and relax, and of course you can do this alone or with a friend/s.

Try and incorporate some of these ways to relax into your life, make some time for you. Enjoy!



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