Winter Mountain Mont Blanc Illustration Placemat

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Beautiful Mont Blanc bespoke placemats - the perfect way to liven up any living space, and perfect for mountain lovers/skiers/climbers/absolutely anyone who would love this product. Sold individually.

A beautiful, unique placemat that will add style and interest to any eating area. The height of originality and edginess, this will stand out in your home.

These stunningly designed placemats add an elegant and stylish finish to any table set up. They are made from hygienic hardwood with a heat resistant back and a beautiful high gloss finish which allows the deigns to have a gorgeous, rich colour. So style up your home with these unique decor.

As well as abstraction prints, I also created some really lovely illustrative print designs where the mountain is the statement on the placemat. I love the unique, originality of these designs, you really get a sense of my tactile style coming through these illustrative designs. They still hold a great energy of their own and are a fantastic talking point in any home, especially the striking mountain designs, each individual mountain is elegant and adds a sense of character and elegance in the home.