Winter Mountain Abstract Purple Placemat

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A beautiful, unique placemat that will add style and interest to any eating area. The height of originality and edginess, this will stand out in your home.

These stunningly designed placemats add an elegant and stylish finish to any table set up. They are made from hygienic hardwood with a heat resistant back and a beautiful high gloss finish which allows the deigns to have a gorgeous, rich colour. So style up your home with these unique decor.

This abstract design was created by an easy way of abstraction. I had created a large striking canvas with a painted mountain scene on it, that really had a lot of focus on mountain rock surface. I really liked that the rock shapes were a focal point of the mountain in the painting so i photocopied the painting multiple times and cut out only the sections of interesting rock and spread them out and out them together over an A1 area. And I created an image which was entirely just the rock shapes and surface. I then used Kodatrace (a thicker tracing paper used in the printing process to convert a design to a screen by drawing with special black pens) to draw the rock shapes and I was left with this abstracted rock layer, which i was able to take into the print room and be really experimental with in the print room at university. I was able to print on a variety of different fabrics and have access to the dye lab where i create different print paste colours to print this layer. I was then able to open some of the prints up in photoshop and create more interesting colourways, like this purple one.

Texture and surface quality is also a huge part of my work, mark making, thick & thin, dark & light play a huge part in the image i am trying to portray. I have still wanted to capture the surface quality and affects and have them reprinted onto mugs and trays (etc) , because it just creates something exciting, edgy and quirky and a bit out-there! But that's what I love about my style, it is very different, its bold and hard and most of all REAL.