Winter Mountain Abstract Blue Placemat

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A beautiful, unique placemat that will add style and interest to any eating area. The height of originality and edginess, this will stand out in your home.

These stunningly designed placemats add an elegant and stylish finish to any table set up. They are made from hygienic hardwood with a heat resistant back and a beautiful high gloss finish which allows the deigns to have a gorgeous, rich colour. So style up your home with these unique decor. 

I was already abstracting from mountain scenes and images I had taken to do with the mountain environment and skiing. I wanted to break this idea down even further and still look at mountain and ski related surfaces, and as I love creating textures and interesting surfaces, i knew the best way to do this would be MARK MAKING with load of different utensils and materials to break down the drawings and images eve more. I also died a fabric which was known for having inconsistent dying because of the make up of the fabric, so when I completed the dying process and achieved my colour I wanted, when I washed, dried and ironed it, it had a DENIM-like feel. And to make it even more edgy, i used a special dye that would take out areas of dye colour and leave the original fabric colour behind (the LIGHTER SPOT) and then I would add more texture and surface quality to the fabric by printing on a glue and using the heat-press available I used soft felt-like material which could be pressed onto the design and under the heat, the glue areas would pick up the felt, giving the print a secondary surface. The overall affect was highly tactile and unique. And I was able to edit and take the design further in photoshop and this is what came out, a beautiful print which is high tactile and texture based, and is really different an interesting on things like mugs and trays and especially these placemats, they've really captured my textures well.

Texture and surface quality is also a huge part of my work, mark making, thick & thin, dark & light play a huge part in the image i am trying to portray. I have still wanted to capture the surface quality and affects and have them reprinted onto mugs and trays (etc) , because it just creates something exciting, edgy and quirky and a bit out-there! But that's what I love about my style, it is very different, its bold and hard and most of all REAL.