Winter Abstract Mountain Ski Marks Grey

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A beautiful abstract mug - the perfect way to spruce up any living space! Transform your tea/coffee moments with these beautiful mugs! Totally unique and original, a feature in itself!

A beautiful 8cm x 9cm (approx 380ml) bone china mug, printed the full length of the mug, the design wont rub and is completely hygienic and dishwasher safe! A gorgeous way to add style and character to any personal space in the home.
These fine bone china mugs are vivid and striking and pleasing to the eye. Bone china is more aesthetically pleasing than other materials, it's more elegant and is naturally strong and has a beautiful glossy finish - even darker printed mugs have a shiny, glossy finish. The non porous surface prevents the build up of brown stains, making it clean and hygienic for everyday use - so stand out from the crowd with these gorgeous mug designs.

I was already abstracting from mountain scenes and images I had taken to do with the mountain environment and skiing. I wanted to break this idea down even further and still look at mountain and ski related surfaces, and as I love creating textures and interesting surfaces, i knew the best way to do this would be MARK MAKING with load of different utensils and materials to break down the drawings and images eve more. I was looking at skiing marks this time, so marks made in the snow by skis, and i tried to create the same affect using abstraction through mark making again with a very broad palette knife and did sweeping strokes and drags to create a similar affect to the images I was looking at. When it came to printing this design, I wanted to print the design onto a fabric which had some substance and its own surface quality to it so i chose a leather, I love the fact you can see the leather underneath the swooping lines, it reminds me of snow and some of the patterns you see up on the mountains. I enhanced the print and the colour in photoshop, and again, I love the fact that you can see the leather quality in the print on the products (e.g. mug and coaster) which this design comes in, it really un earth something edgy and unique and something unusual, a real interesting feature to anyone's home.

Texture and surface quality is also a huge part of my work, mark making, thick & thin, dark & light play a huge part in the image i am trying to portray. I have still wanted to capture the surface quality and affects and have them reprinted onto mugs and trays (etc) , because it just creates something exciting, edgy and quirky and a bit out-there! But that's what I love about my style, it is very different, its bold and hard and most of all REAL.