Winter Abstract Mountain Denim Blue Tray

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A beautiful bespoke abstract tray, unique and original in any home, leave a lasting impression with guests with these beautiful, melamine trays which are robust, scratch proof and easy to clean.

Size: 43cm x 33cm (flat serving area 38 x 28cm approx)

I was already abstracting from mountain scenes and images I had taken to do with the mountain environment and skiing. I wanted to break this idea down even further and still look at mountain and ski related surfaces, and as I love creating textures and interesting surfaces, i knew the best way to do this would be MARK MAKING with load of different utensils and materials to break down the drawings and images eve more. I also died a fabric which was known for having inconsistent dying because of the make up of the fabric, so when I completed the dying process and achieved my colour I wanted, when I washed, dried and ironed it, it had a DENIM-like feel. And to make it even more edgy, i used a special dye that would take out areas of dye colour and leave the original fabric colour behind (the LIGHTER SPOT) and then I would add more texture and surface quality to the fabric by printing on a glue and using the heat-press available I used soft felt-like material which could be pressed onto the design and under the heat, the glue areas would pick up the felt, giving the print a secondary surface. The overall affect was highly tactile and unique. And I was able to edit and take the design further in photoshop and this is what came out, a beautiful print which is high tactile and texture based, and is really different an interesting on things like mugs and trays etc.

As well as abstraction prints, I also created some really lovely illustrative print designs where the mountain is the statement on the much. I love the unique, originality of these designs, you really get a sense of my tactile style coming through these illustrative designs. They still hold a great energy of their own and are a fantastic talking point in any home.

Texture and surface quality is also a huge part of my work, mark making, thick & thin, dark & light play a huge part in the image i am trying to portray. I have still wanted to capture the surface quality and affects and have them reprinted onto mugs and trays (etc) , because it just creates something exciting, edgy and quirky and a bit out-there! But that's what I love about my style, it is very different, its bold and hard and most of all REAL