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This is the Original lamb painting in the centre of an A2 piece of artist paper.

Created in Acrylic Paint

There is only one of these.

This lamb painting drawing was part of a project at Loughborough University where I studied Textiles Innovation and Design. In my final year at university, I completed a project to do with the countryside and animals.

My grandparents own a farm, and they have a farming heritage so I find them hugely inspiring and visiting their farm was always inspiring and a lot of fun! Especially as a child, I would go and feed all the animals with my grandad, collect eggs, let them all out, check they're all healthy, this has given me a huge passion for animals and a passion for the countryside and wildlife. I always admired my grandma - she was an amazing painter and artist, and I always wanted to paint like her, she really encouraged me to be creative and allowed me to use all her professional oil paints from a very young age (which I am very grateful for, as I now know the value of oil paints as an adult).

My grandma also let my younger brother and I paint the back of her studio door, we painted rainbows, animals, hand prints, all sorts as a little creative mural-type thing. I am very grateful for this ability to be creative and have the freedom to paint on basically anything. When my grandparents were re-decorating their bedrooms as the farm, I painted a huge horse on the wall of one of the bedrooms, using my hands, with the new paint we were going to use to paint the room, and my grandparents encouraged it.

So I am hugely appreciative of this ability to be creative and now create drawings of animals, wildlife and the countryside which is so close to my heart.